Why use our POS software for your retail outlet?

With so many retail POS software out there, all claiming to be effective and reliable, it has become difficult for savvy retailers to make the right decision. We do not just claim the authority of our software; we have a proven track record of satisfied customers who have actually benefitted from our POS software substantially, to prove it. So if you are looking forward to increase your retail sales, save money on employee hours, reduce your management hassles, manage your inventory efficiently, reduce your stocks and increase profits then it would be a good idea to give our software a quick try.  Just download our 30 days trial version and watch how our retail software can increase your profits and earnings within days.

With your purchase, we are happy to include support for limited time, remote installation and even data transfer from your existing POS software and/or data file(s). After the download you can start performing sales within minutes. On the point of sale software screen, retailers are able to process credit cards, offer customer loyalty rewards, issue gift cards, manage the inventory, perform one click store inventory counts, view detailed sales reports and graphs, identify fasted selling and slow moving merchandize and use our built-in accounting app to perform some basic accounting functions. All this also come with our built-in label printing software, customer database management (including email marketing), unlimited number of users for each system with assigned user rights by the administrator and the facility of connecting various computers within a store (the in-store network).   

Our retail software is compatible with most receipt printers, cash drawers, poles, touch screen monitors and product label printers. Therefore you can easily add peripherals and hardware with ease as all of these are very easy to set up with the POS software. So download our program today and start watching the real advantages and benefits to your retail store business.

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