Why choose our point of sale software for your retail business?

Selection of a reliable and effective point of sale software is probably as important as choosing the location of your retail business. Choice of POS software can make or break your business success. Why? Because retail operations automation is the key to excel in today’s competitive retail market. Deploying the cost-effective, reliable and fast retail software will save you time (in form of employee and management hours), money and precious resources. It must also improve the customer experience of people buying from your shop.  All of this enables you to effectively compete against those in your market who are desperately trying to get a chunk from your retail market share.   

Our software is fully customizable. So if your business has any specific work-flow requirements or you need new features then just let us know and our development team will customize the software according to your needs [Get a free quote for software customization]

Download our Fully Functional 30-day Free Trial (No Credit Card Required, No Obligations) and Watch How our Point of Sale Software Saves Your Time and Improves Your Inventory Management, Purchasing, Sales, CRM, Customer Rewards/Loyality Program and Checkout Processes:


Our software is Easy to Use, Powerful and Robust:

Brisk working of the point of sale is necessary for a smooth and a hassle-free retail sales process management. Therefore, we have made our software easy to use, quick and robust for small and large stores alike. You can expect a multitude of features with detailed reporting modules for an enhanced retail management experience.

So what makes our POS software different from so many other point of sale software products? The answer is simple: point-of-sale-software.org is an innovator and market leader in terms of enhancing user-friendliness and resulting productivity of the point of sale software for the end users and without giving up the functionality. Our system has so many advanced features that will enable you to attract and retain customers. With our simple, easy yet powerful software design, you can quickly perform checkout at the counter, do fast inventory counts at the click of a button and offer your customers a simple but effective rewards program that will make them keep coming to your retail store again and again. You can process credit cards from the point of sale screen and get low inventory alerts for items that need to be replenished. Right from the POS screen, you can set up the stock levels at which you would prefer to receive these alerts which will assist you in preventing stock outs. With just a few clicks you can identify your best selling and slowest moving items. This helps to manage your inventory and reduce your stock in an efficient way. Not to mention that one year worth of support is included with your purchase and we also offer remote installation and commissioning of our software on at your business. As a matter of fact, we offer a lot more than that to our customers. Just communicate your software requirements to us including the required number of licenses (it's one license per machine) and we will send you our befitting offer.

Nothing can tell you more about feasibility of our retail point of sale software than the actual hands on experience. So why not download and run our system as we offer 30 days trial (no credit card needed).


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